HEP launch ThinkNinja

HEP launch ThinkNinja

Hounslow Education Partnership (HEP) launch ThinkNinja to help students manage their mental health.

ThinkNinja® one of the world’s most advanced mental health apps designed for young people, is being rolled-out across 16 schools within the Hounslow Education Partnership, starting in May at Springwest Academy and Logic Studio School, both in Feltham.

ThinkNinja® is free to download for all students and has been designed to build resilience and bring early intervention if they are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and low mood. ThinkNinja® will help 11 to 17-year-olds with their mental health and emotional well-being by helping address issues ranging from feeling stressed or low, to having unhelpful thoughts that might be triggered by daily life pressures, such as exams, struggling to make friends and social situations.

The launch has been commissioned by the Hounslow Education Partnership and will cover 16 schools, and about 16,000 students. If you would like your school to be part of ThinkNinja®, you can register at www.thinkninja.io/news

Richard Andrews founder, chairman and CEO of Healios, the company that developed ThinkNinja® said, “We’re thrilled to be working with Hounslow Education Partnership to ensure students across the schools have access to cutting-edge preventive and early intervention mental health solutions. ThinkNinja combines innovative digital technology with evidence-based clinical techniques and beautiful design to help students create their own toolkit of coping strategies and skills that can be used in their daily lives to build resilience and stay well. If a young person develops symptoms of anxiety or low mood, the app’s artificial intelligence engine automatically adjusts to support the young person by recommending additional clinical help through the app. With its learning algorithm, 24/7 accessibility and gamification appeal, ThinkNinja® is designed especially for today’s digital-native generation.”

Victoria Eadie, Chair of the Hounslow Education Partnership said, “We are so excited about the opportunity this could bring to our young people in Hounslow Schools. Thank you to Healios and HEP for making this happen. It’s over to our schools now to make sure every student knows how to access the help offered by ThinkNinja®.”

To find out more or register to be part of ThinkNinja® go to www.thinkninja.io/news or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.