Healios extends partnership with Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Healios extends partnership with Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Healios announces it has expanded its partnership with Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to support their Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

Somerset Partnership has long been at the forefront of transforming how care is delivered across the mental health spectrum. Since November 2015, Healios has successfully implemented digital solutions working with Somerset Partnership’s Early Intervention in Psychosis teams. The expansion of Healios’ digital solutions now into the Trust’s CAMHS team enables Somerset Partnership to bring greater choice and flexibility of access to a wider age range of people who are in need of mental health support.

Healios provides prompt access to high quality evidence-based psychological interventions for children, young people and their families. Prior to Healios, families had to travel to a clinician, managing differing schedules, increasing stress and often resulting in conflicts with other daily responsibilities such as work, childcare, school, etc.

Healios brings the entire family together – even those that are based far away, such as university – for a unique online interactive experience, accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Children and young people spend on average 27 hours a week online, making Healios not only a natural fit, but a necessity, ensuring maximum engagement to create the best possible outcomes.

Ethna Bashford, Head of the Children, Young People and Families Division at Somerset Partnership welcomed the news and said, “This is an exciting opportunity to be working with a company developing digital resources to support children and young people. It offers choice of how to access the service to those who may live in rural locations and it enables the whole family network to be involved, even if they are geographically separated. We look forward to working with Healios.”


Richard Andrews, Founder and Chairman of Healios said, “Expanding our digital solutions to children, young people and adult mental health services at Somerset Partnership is a very exciting opportunity for us to bring greater access and benefit to all ages. Working with Somerset Partnership across multiple specialist teams demonstrates how our digital solutions can transform models of care Trust-wide.”

Healios delivers a psychological therapy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for 7-17 year olds with anxiety who may also have symptoms of low mood – this includes all forms of anxiety such as social anxiety, separation anxiety, specific phobias, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and generalised anxiety disorder. The service will be offered across Somerset via the Trust’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

CBT has been found to be an effective way of reducing anxiety in children and young people, and is an approved therapy by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. The aim of Healios’ CBT programme is to improve the child’s anxiety levels while also enhancing the overall family quality of life.