Healios commissioned by 5 Boroughs to support those affected by psychosis

Healios commissioned by 5 Boroughs to support those affected by psychosis

Healios is supporting greater access and choice to meet the new psychosis standards in collaboration with 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (5 Boroughs Partnership).


Since March 2016, those affected by psychosis, as well as their families and carers, have been able to utilise Healios’ online family intervention service – providing increased convenience and flexibility through digital channels.

Healios’ digital offerings integrate with existing mental health services, providing a cost-effective treatment option, as demand on NHS teams grows.

NHS England’s ‘The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health’ has set out the direction of travel for improving care for those affected by mental illness and as of 1st April 2016, every mental health trust must meet the new access and waiting time standards for psychosis. 5 Boroughs Partnership has selected Healios as a solution to support the delivery of these requirements.

Mike Kenny, Operational Assistant Director at 5 Boroughs Partnership, commented: “Not only is Healios a step towards the evolving digital health landscape, it’s a practical solution to meet the new access and waiting time standards. Healios’ online platform provides our service users and their families with a convenient option they can access anywhere, making treatment more readily available. We select our partners – like Healios – with care and diligence to ensure patient safety and high-quality clinical services are our top priorities.”

Mike Catton, Commercial Director of Healios, commented: “We are excited to be partnering with 5 Boroughs Partnership at a time when the health market is transforming around technology and digital innovations. Our online intervention service integrates with the current clinical model, providing a high-quality option for the Trust’s Early Intervention in Psychosis Services to offer to patients and families. We’re looking forward to supporting the Trust as they navigate the new standards while making a positive impact on the lives of patients and families.”

The access and waiting time standards require an individual with first episode psychosis and their family to begin treatment with a care package that meets government clinical guidelines within two weeks of referral.

Family intervention is a form of psychological therapy based on bringing the whole family together to improve treatment outcomes. Well proven with strong clinical evidence, family intervention delivers significant benefits for patients, families and the health service as a whole. With an increased focus on mental health service provision through such measures as the Parity of Esteem Programme, early intervention in psychosis access and waiting time standards and additional funding released by the Department of Health, mental health is finally gaining parity with physical health conditions.