Cutting access and waiting times in psychosis with digital care

Cutting access and waiting times in psychosis with digital care

Richard Andrews, Founder and Chairman of Healios, will present alongside Dr Frank Burbach, Head of Clinical Psychology & Psychological Therapies at Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, at the National Digital Solutions for Mental Health conference in Manchester, UK, on 10th May 2016.


Andrews and Burbach will speak on cutting access and waiting times standards in Early Intervention in Psychosis by using the Healios online family intervention model. The Somerset NHS Trust commissioned Healios in November 2015 as service provisioning became increasingly challenging, due to the wide-spread population across rural areas and families wanting an option that more closely fits with their lifestyle.

Working closely with the Somerset NHS Early Intervention in Psychosis team, Healios has integrated into everyday treatment practices where patients and their families are offered an online alternative to traditional in-person family intervention.

Those that chose the online family intervention option with Healios, started their treatment within two weeks, and this helps to meet access and waiting times standards.

A care coordinator from the Somerset NHS team said, “Having choice to offer is really important. With one family, dad works in London a lot, mum travels, sister is also in London, so online family intervention was ideal for them.”

The national conference, ‘Digital Solutions for Mental Health’, brings together leading experts from mental health organisations to delve into the detail of the technologies, apps and digital innovations that are enabling mental health professionals to deliver better care.

Richard Andrews, said “We are appreciative of the opportunity to highlight Healios’ service and the impact we’ve had at Somerset NHS Trust at the Digital Solutions for Mental Health conference. It’s been a pleasure working with Frank and his team at Somerset and we look forward to continuing to drive positive clinical results through this exciting partnership.”