Healios showcased as innovative healthcare solution to Chinese delegation

Healios showcased as innovative healthcare solution to Chinese delegation

Healios’ innovative service offerings draws attention from senior Chinese delegation as the need for digital health transformation becomes essential across all markets.


Healios was selected as one of the potential business investment opportunities in Europe, in order for Chinese companies to expand their healthcare portfolio.

Richard Andrews, Founder and Chairman of Healios, said “We appreciate the opportunity to meet with senior Chinese business executives to showcase the impact we are making in patients’ and families’ lives. It further solidifies the work we are doing every day to bring our digital health innovations to areas where it’s needed most.”

The visit was organised by Southampton City council as part of Southampton’s ambitious plan of ongoing investment and economic growth.

Chief Executive of Southampton City Council, Dawn Baxendale said, “This visit from senior business executives from China underscores Southampton’s growing reputation as a destination city for investors and developers. Our plan for the ongoing economic growth of the city involves attracting new organisations to become stakeholders in industry sectors that are key to Southampton.”

With healthcare markets under pressure to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve quality within growing populations, digital therapeutics, such as Healios, provide a new way for people to access treatment. An international survey found that 75 percent of people want to access their healthcare online providing quality is not sacrificed.