Healios commissioned by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to provide digital innovations

Healios commissioned by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to provide digital innovations

Healios has been commissioned by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust for two innovative service offerings, online family intervention and a new mobile app, the Healios Decision Tool, for people with psychosis and their families.

Healios began partnering with the Southampton Early Intervention in Psychosis team, part of Southern Health, in December 2015 and will provide these services for a period of nine months. These services support the Southern Health Trust in their readiness to meet the new Access and Waiting Times standards for psychosis coming into effect for all Mental Health Trusts in April 2016. The new standards require patients to be treated with a care package that meets the government’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) clinical guidelines within two weeks of referral.

Healios’ online clinician-led family intervention service has a proven track record of delivering improved patient and family outcomes, increased access and exceptional customer experience, all while delivering significant efficiency savings for the NHS. Those affected by psychosis, as well as their families and carers, can now receive family intervention, through their laptop or smart device, from the comfort of their own home, or wherever is most convenient, with the same level of clinical expertise received in the NHS.

Healios’ new Decision Tool app allows people with psychosis and their families to feedback real-time information to treatment teams on their current status. This insight into the home allows treatment teams to prioritise resources to those whose mental health status has declined and allows them to take appropriate action quickly to potentially mitigate an impending crisis, relapse or hospitalisation.

Southern Health has long established itself as one of the leaders in mental health service design and was recently involved in the development of the first UK integrated care pathway. The new psychosis pathway outlines time frames for the delivery of a range of clinical interventions for psychosis. Commissioning Healios and implementing both the online family intervention service and the new Decision Tool app further supports the implementation of the new psychosis pathway to bring better quality of services to those affected by psychosis.

“The new psychosis pathway aims to promote recovery and ensure that every individual with psychosis and their family or carer gets the best evidence-based care at the right time and in the right place,” explained Professor David Kingdon, Clinical Services Director at Southampton. “Partnering with Healios is allowing us to use and develop the latest innovations in mental health care that bring greater choice, flexibility and service experience so that people with psychosis and their carers have the best chance of recovery. Healios isl helping us implement the new psychosis pathway and, at the same time, supporting the Trust in reaching the new access and waiting time standards.”

Richard Andrews, Founder and Chairman of Healios commented, “We are delighted to partner with Southern Health because of their leadership in driving higher standards in mental health care and their approach in designing services that facilitate better patient and family experience and engagement for optimal recovery. Our Decision Tool app provides treatment teams with a window into the home for the first time. Coupling this with our online family intervention service makes treatment more accessible and convenient for people with psychosis and their families, while at the same time enables the NHS to respond to the changing needs of their patients.”

Family intervention is a form of psychological therapy based on bringing the whole family together to improve treatment outcomes. Well proven with strong clinical evidence, family intervention delivers significant benefits for patients, families and the health service as a whole. With an increased focus on mental health service provision through such measures as the Parity of Esteem, Early Intervention in Psychosis Access and Waiting Time Standards and additional funding released by the Department of Health, mental health is finally gaining parity with physical health conditions.