Healios joins new Taskforce to tackle expected post-covid-19 mental health demands

Healios joins new Taskforce to tackle expected post-covid-19 mental health demands

Healios Founder and CEO, Rich Andrews, will be joining a new Taskforce established by the Positive Practice Mental Health Collaborative with a critical goal of assiting the Government and NHS England in preparing for a surge in mental health problems as society emerges from Covid-19.


The Taskforce will be chaired by Heather Tierney-Moore OBE and comprises of Chairs and CEOs of NHS Mental Health Trusts, other senior leadership roles in the NHS and third sector organisations. The Taskforce will take a whole system approach across the health, social care and third sector to understand what the nature of the need might be on the nation’s mental health, recognising the impact this pandemic has had on different sections of the population, including key workers.


The Taskforce will focus on three priority areas; preparing for the increased demand on mental health and social care services, planning for anticipated staff shortages exacerbated by stress related absence, and how to provide additional support for the smaller front-line charities and organisations who are already seeing a rapid increase in demand for their services.

Rich Andrews said, “Covid-19 has had an untold effect on the nations mental health and emotional wellbeing. There are so many compounding factors that are working against our ability to maintain good mental health in this unique circumstance, such as long period of social isolation and loneliness, friction with family members in lockdown, loss of jobs and the uncertain period of an impending recession. We are in the calm before the storm stage where a tsunami of referrals into our country’s mental health services will be occurring as we emerge from Covid-19. The government needs to urgently take measures to invest in resources for mental health services, including staff wellbeing, otherwise we risk being faced with overwhelmed services and long waiting lists for many months to come, undoing the progress made so far in transforming mental health provision. The Taskforce will play a pivotal role in driving the necessary focus of government and NHS England toward this impending mental health crisis and supporting the uptake of innovation as an important component of how we build more resilient services post-Covid-19. A huge thanks to Angie and Tony Russell who as co-founders of the Positive Practice Mental Health Collaborative had the foresight and tireless determination to establish this important Taskforce.”

To assist the Taskforce, an External Reference Group will be established. Mike Catton, Chief Operating Officer at Healios will be joining this group which will have a particular focus on how to support an expected large demand on children and young people’s mental health services as children return to school.

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Healios is pioneering the world’s first digitalisation of a NHS Mental Health Trust outpatient services, covering multiple complex specialist assessment and psychological intervention services. By digitising entire clinical pathways, we enable children, adults and their family members to receive, and seamlessly transition between, clinical services from the comfort of their home. By blending the best of technology, design, specialised clinical expertise and a personal human connection, Healios is transforming the experience of how care is accessed and received to help patients and families lead a better quality of life.