What made our autism and ADHD staff want to work for us?

What made our autism and ADHD staff want to work for us?

Experiences at Healios

With more and more NHS partners wanting to work with the Healios autism and ADHD service, we are recruiting more high quality clinical staff. We wondered what made our existing staff want to join us.
One of our clinicains told us:
“Working for the NHS became a challenge due to many factors; not least the long waiting lists that impacted service users and therefore the morale of staff. It was increasingly hard to feel proud of our work when the support available often seemed to be too little and too late”

Another clinician had a similar experience of not being able to deliver what she knew was needed:

“The important aspects of nursing that motivated me to this profession, the compassion, understanding and basic care, are all being lost amongst the busyness and pressure of meeting targets, increased work loads, capacity difficulties, reduced staff and funding.
After 30 years, I was burnt out, and frustrated with the current ways of working where “good enough” was all I could offer. Good enough is not what I want to be providing for any service user.”

The theme continued for other clinicians, with there being a clear sense of exasperation about the team's previous roles:

“I was feeling frustrated by the demands on the service and working across such a broad range of clinical areas”
“There seemed to be no place in NHS services for effective future planning or innovation, and bringing about change was often slow due to the amount of resources needed for “fire-fighting””

“Working a large acute trust, children with speech and language difficulties and autism were not a priority, at all! We were told to no longer aim to deliver a gold standard service just be ‘adequate’”

“Room bookings and other administrative processes were often laborious and outdated, and so often clinical rooms and “hot” desk spaces were oversubscribed, making it harder to work efficiently”

For some clinicians the prospect of greater career opportunities appealed, as a growing company we frequently recruit internal clinicians to senior posts:
“a lack of personal progression in terms of pay and recognition for the increased responsibilities of nursing today influenced my decision to leave”

“There was a lack of career progression, I had been at the top of a Band 7 for many years ‘with nowhere to go’”

“I wanted to the opportunity to continue to develop my skills in autism and support children, young people and families”

The Healios Autism and ADHD Service now has around 50 staff members, has working for us lived up to expectations?

“We have experienced clinicians, deliver timely assessments and write thorough reports. Our MDT and QC processes allow 2 supervisors to be involved, adding the MDT and can challenge if needed ”

“I was initially unsure if online working from home would allow me to build the therapeutic alliance with the clients which is so important to working with people generally, but particularly young people. I have now worked with Healios for 6 months and have not regretted leaving the NHS. In fact, working for Healios has highlighted to me the saddening inefficiencies of the NHS. All the process and admin related stress, which I previously experienced, is now gone. Healios uses some of the best technology, designed and built for its specific purpose, and is not “just what is available” . As Healios expands, changes are made constantly to technology and ways of working, all being designed to improve the service delivery, but also with clinicians in mind. Whilst these changes can seem a bit frequent and new ways have to be learnt, it is also extremely exciting to be part of this great development. There is an ethos of “being the best” and ensuring great care delivery. Music to my ears!”

‘I have had a number of training opportunities. Since I have started at Healios we have had away days and other training so I feel part of a team. In some ways it is just the same as working in the clinic setting; we have `virtual` coffee mornings every morning, supervision and a buddy when you start”

“It is evident to see how relieved families are to receive an assessment and outcome following a long wait and that this in itself can help them to move forward and access support”

“Families have said how professional everyone is, its has been ‘easy’ and they feel they have been listened to”

“The feedback I have had from clients has all been positive..... about Healios and about myself. High praise for quickness of carrying out assessments, efficiency, and support from admin in helping establish the clients on line experience. For me, I loved hearing I had made a difference - what I came into nursing for. One angry young man, who initially did not want to engage or talk to me, fed back that I was the first person throughout his journey that had listened to him and understood, and he didn’t want the sessions to end. I am proud that I have given him a positive experience and feel totally reassured that this important therapeutic alliance is just as accessible through an online intervention”

“Families are often seen many months (or years) faster through Healios. The scale of this benefit cannot be overstated when considering the impact that undiagnosed and unsupported conditions can have on families. The ease of accessing the service from home is a huge benefit, as often families may struggle to get into clinic for a number of reasons. There are no long or stressful delays in the waiting room, and through a personalised online platform, communicating with clinicians is much easier. Offering services online means we can adjust to individual needs and communication preferences, and provide meaningful and efficient assessments and interventions”

“Healios is a progressive, forward thinking company which strives to be proactive in service delivery”

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