Healios provides quick access to high quality clinical support that you need to develop new, healthier behaviours. 

Our digital services across mental health and neurodevelopment, have been designed around you and your lifestyle.  Working with our clinicians and your family, you can achieve your goals and feel well.

Choose Healios for quick and convenient access to specialist clinical care. The Healios experience.


Please note, Healios is a commissioned service, only and is therefore only available through the NHS.  

Information for patients, parents, families and carers

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General Assessment Leaflet
Goal Based Interventions Leaflet
CYP Autism Assessment

Healios believes in therapy and assessments that are family-centric

We have designed our own interactive clinical portal to connect one of our clinicians to the patient and their family members.  The beauty of our technology is that people can connect to the portal from any location and don't have to be in the same room or even the same country!

It also means that patients don't have to travel to see their therapist, struggle through traffic, wait in stark clinics and do it all again to get home.

Rather than adding to the anxiety, care through our portal puts the patient at ease and enhances engagement levels with the clinician.  It's what we call the Healios Experience!

An introduction to the Healios process


STEP ONE: Enrolment

A member of the Healios team will speak with you over the phone to understand your situation and eligibility for our service and if the service is covered by the NHS in your area. We will then set up your log-in information and book your first appointment with a clinician matched specifically to you and your loved ones’ needs. You have the option to include your loved ones in the sessions as well.

STEP TWO: Your first session

Through a live online video session, our clinician will clarify your situation, needs, goals and any roadblocks that are getting in the way. Together, we will make a plan to overcome any challenges you’re facing so you can take steps forward to achieving your goals. Your clinician is your partner throughout your journey with Healios and will be with you every step of the way.

STEP THREE: On-going coaching and support

During each session, your clinician will provide new techniques and skills that work well for you and give you the confidence you need to address any situation that may arise. Over several sessions, your clinician will continue to support and coach you to make these new skills work for you and your unique situation. All of the techniques you are taught will appear in your private MyHealios area, so you’ll have them to reference whenever you need them. Your clinician is your partner throughout this journey with Healios and will be with you every step of the way.

STEP FOUR: Moving forwards after Healios

With new skills, understanding, confidence and a stronger relationship with your family, you’ll be taking big steps toward providing the best environment for long-term success. If you face new challenges and would like further support from Healios, contact us and we can pick up where we left off.

STEP FIVE: Positive outcomes

Healios creates an environment for long-term success, keeping you healthier at home and out of the hospital, and family members better able to cope and support you.

An Introduction to our Autism and ADHD Assessment Service


To ensure your online assessment is a success, you will need the following:

  1. A good internet connection
  2. A computer, laptop or large screen tablet
  3. IMPORTANT - We cannot carry out assessments via a smartphone

There are six steps in our process:

Step 1: Pre-assessment questionnaires

Step 2: Gathering school information


Step 3: Assessment Day 1

Session 1 - initial assessment.

This session is 1 hr long, and both you and your child will need to be present. We will ask you about your current issues and take some background history.

Session 2 - Observation and interaction session

This session is for your child and is also 1 hour long. We will undertake some fun activities and ask your child a few questions. Parents (carers or guardians) will be asked not to engage in this session.

During this session we will be asking your child to complete a task that involves a selection of objects. We ask that you prepare these objects, details will be found in your appointment email.


Step 4: Assessment Day 2

Session 3

This session is for parents, guardians or carers, your child does not need to be present. During this session we will complete an ADI-r assessment, which is a developmental history assessment. This session can take up to 3 hours.

Details about early behaviour, including social and communication development, are crucial to gaining information to help make a diagnosis of autism. This information can sometimes be difficult to obtain, or for parents to remember accurately, therefore any information you may be able to find and bring with you to the appointment relating to your child’s early years (i.e. school reports, letters, assessments, photos or family videos) can be very helpful.

For various reasons, our sessions are always held in the morning. You may need to inform your child’s school and/or arrange time off work. 

When it’s time to start your assessment process you will be EMAILED a link which guides you to activate your account, just click the link to activate your Healios account.  After you have activated your account, you will receive a call asking about your availability before your sessions are booked.


Step 5: Diagnostic review

After we have gathered our assessment information our team will review whether your child meets the criteria for an autism diagnosis and will write your report.


Step 6: Feedback

When we have reached a conclusion, we will contact you to arrange a feedback session with you.

**Please note, we are a very busy service. If you cancel or do not attend your sessions you will have to wait a number of weeks before we can rearrange your appointment.

Any questions? Please contact us:

For more information or if you have any questions about our autism and ADHD assessment service, please call us on 0330 124 4222 and speak to one of our neurodevelopment team.  You can also email us at and mark your subject Autism and ADHD Assessment Service.




Whether you are using a laptop, smartphone or tablet* you can access your sessions at a time and place that works best for you. You can easily book and control your sessions online through your MyHealios area and sessions can be scheduled during the day and evenings. *Internet connection required.

Our Autism Assessments are all conducted via a PC (desktop or laptop) we do not use mobile phones for this service.


Using interactive digital technologies, such as video conferencing and mobile apps, you will be able to see and talk to our specialized clinicians in a learning environment ideal for you.


Our clinicians work with you, at your pace, supporting and coaching you to achieve healthier behaviours and ultimately providing better quality of life.


With your consent, we can provide updates to your treatment team on important information about how you’re doing at home. By keeping them informed, we’ll make your care more effective.


With your consent, we can provide updates to your treatment team on important information about how you’re doing at home. By keeping them informed, we’ll make your care more effective.


We are an independent service and our clinicians are professionally trained. A clinician with the right expertise will be matched to your needs using our method based on 30 years of scientific evidence.




Simple Process

Know what to do and when to do it. Feel comfortable and confident that you have the skills to address challenging situations.


Build a stronger relationship founded on mutual trust and a better understanding of each others’ needs.

Notice Change

Notice when things change so that you can keep your loved one healthy and at home.

Provide Support

Communicate clearly and know how to react in a way that will support your loved one and help them achieve their goals.

Move Forward

We’ll help you develop new skills to move forward and establish an environment for future successes.

Effective Response

With your consent, we inform the treatment team of any change in your loved one’s status to help them respond more effectively.


Whether you are using a laptop, smartphone or tablet you can access your sessions at a time and place that works best for you without adding extra stress to your day. You can easily book and control your sessions online through your MyHealios area.


You can have sessions with your family, so everyone is working together to help you achieve your goals.


Scenario A:

 One-on-one with a Healios clinician via video conference

Scenario B:

You and your family members join a Healios clinician via video conference