Healios assesses, treats and provides post-diagnostic services for children, young people, adults and their families

Working with Healios

Healios is committed to improving the lives of all those people and families affected by mental illness and neurodevelopmental conditions.  We are extremely proud to work in partnership with the NHS and provide a range of services on their behalf across the country.  

Below is a list of our current NHS partners, we would love to have a conversation with you about how we can provide you with efficient, high quality clinical expertise and create a positive experience for service users.

Healios Operates Four Clinical Divisions

Early Help

Early Help

ThinkNinja and Step Ups.

Tier 2 Assessments.

Goal Based Interventions.



Tier 3 Assessments.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy




Recovery Resilience

Eating Disorders

Family Interventions



Autism Assessments

ADHD Assessments

Post-Diagnostic Interventions

Neurodevelopmental Screening

What our partners say about working with Healios

Contact us - please note we only accept referrals from our contracted NHS partners