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Empowering children and young people to build resilience, manage their emotional health and to fulfil their potential.

An Introduction to ThinkNinja

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What is ThinkNinja?

ThinkNinja is an app specifically designed to educate 11-18 year olds about mental health, emotional wellbeing and to provide skills young people can use to build resilience and stay well.

Clinical foundations

ThinkNinja is built on CBT principles, a psychological talking therapy based on the theory that our thoughts, feelings and our behaviour are all connected. 

CBT works to help us notice and change problematic thinking styles or behaviour patterns so we can feel better

How ThinkNinja works?

ThinkNinja® addresses a range of issues including stress, anxiety, low mood, or having unhelpful thoughts.  All of which can be triggered by the pressures of modern life, such as exams, struggling to make friends or social situations. 

The user is coached by the WiseNinja, powered by artificial intelligence and the skills of a clinical psychologist.

Why choose ThinkNinja?

ThinkNinja® is free to download for all children and young people with the correct access code, and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

App features

How to access ThinkNinja

Currently ThinkNinja is a commissioned service only, and we sell ThinkNinja to the NHS, schools, local authorities and charities working with young people and/or health.  Access is then provided to all CYP aged 11-18 years old.

If you work for an organisation and would like to provide this care for young people, please complete the form below and we will provide you with more details.

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