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Healios - How We Work

Healios is working towards ensuring children, young people and adults have the best chance of achieving their goals and fulfil their life's potential through supporting mental health, emotional wellbeing and resilience.

We've combined the expertise of clinicians, clinical evidence-based approaches and design with digital to bring a world-leading range of psychological assessments, therapy services and wellbeing tools that fit into your lifestyle and as well as your family if you wish. We want you to have an exceptional experience when it comes to supporting your mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Proven techniques

Built on techniques shown in clinical practice to create better outcomes.

Personal human connection

Dedicated clinicians will support and coach you to achieve your goals.

Best use of technology

Our interactive technologies bring the most effective and accessible experience to your home.

Real-time collaboration

Informing treatment teams of any change in patient status so they can step in when it matters most.

Holistic approach

Involving the patient and family together for the best possible results.

Client Satisfaction

An amazing 83% of our clients are "Very Satisfied" with their sessions and 15% are "Satisfied"

Service Quality


Three quarters (75%) of our clients, rate Healios’ service quality as "Excellentwith the remaining 25% rating us as "Good"


A massive 95% of our clients would "Definitely recommend" our service to a friend in need.

Before contacting Healios

Healios works as a commissioned service with the NHS.  This means we do not do private work and we cannot accept self-referrals requesting direct access to our assessment and/or treatment services.  If you need care, please contact your local NHS, either your local CAMHS or GP.  Thank you.

If you work for the NHS and would like to commission Healios, please complete the form below: