About Healios

We make mental health, autism and ADHD support accessible to those who need it.

In doing so, we can tackle global inequalities in healthcare provision that affect over one billion people worldwide living with mental health challenges and neurodiverse conditions.

By pairing expert clinicians with innovative technology, we’ve been able to carry out more than 100,000 clinical sessions remotely. Over the last three years, we’ve received more than 17,000 referrals from our NHS partners. And we’ve contracted with 62% of mental health trusts in England, as well as health boards throughout Scotland and Wales.

Our story

Our mission is global. But our story starts much closer to home.

After seeing his friends and family struggle to get support for their mental health needs, Healios CEO and founder Rich Andrews decided it was time for a new approach. He accompanied NHS clinicians on their visits to the homes of people impacted by severe mental health challenges and recognised that by including a person’s support network in the care process, they are often better able to achieve long-term results. Inspired by this insight, Healios was launched in 2013 and has since become a leading provider of online mental health and neurodevelopmental services.

While our commitment to accessibility has been with us since the beginning, how we deliver on that mission has changed over time. Because mental health challenges often start in childhood, we realised we could have the biggest impact by working directly with children, young people and those who support them, whether that’s family, caregivers or friends. We now work in partnership with the NHS to deliver a range of mental health, autism and ADHD services for children and young people aged 25 and under.

Our head office is in London, UK, but all of our clinical work is carried out remotely. Through our culture of innovation, we’re constantly striving to develop new tools and techniques that will allow us to remove further barriers to care. In doing so, we can help more children and young people to access the quality support they deserve.

Taking a family-centred approach

Navigating mental health concerns, autism and ADHD can be challenging for the entire family.

At Healios, we encourage family members to be involved in a child or young person’s care whenever possible. Family members can join sessions using our online platform. Because all sessions are delivered remotely, they can log in from multiple locations, helping everyone to feel involved, listened to and supported.

Our Executive Leadership team

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