How Healios works

We work with the NHS to provide a range of mental health, autism and ADHD services.

Children and young people aged 25 and under can access our services online. Once we receive a referral from your local NHS or CAMHS service, we’ll be in touch to set up your Healios account.

What to expect


Start with a referral

Once we receive a referral from your local NHS service, we’ll be in touch to set up your Healios account.


Get booked in

You can schedule sessions with your clinician online or over the phone. You’ll also be asked to complete an online questionnaire that will help inform your child’s care plan.


Access care

Attend interactive online sessions with a clinician. Children and young people can ask family members or supporters to join.


Use supportive tools

Children and young people may be given helpful digital tools to use between appointments.


Saying goodbye

Review your child’s progress during a feedback session with a clinician and discuss next steps. We’ll share a report with the NHS.

Why choose a digital service?

Access a wider range of clinicians

From cognitive behavioural therapists and mental health practitioners to speech and language therapists, clinical psychologists and learning disability nurses, we have one of the most comprehensive clinical teams in the UK. This means we can pair your child with the best clinician for their needs, no matter where they are in the country.

Get support where they feel most comfortable

Travelling for support and spending time with new people in unfamiliar spaces isn’t always easy, especially for children and young people with sensory sensitivities or social anxiety. Through our online platform, your child can speak with a clinician from any space that works.

Ask others to join sessions

From assessment and diagnosis through to ongoing support, our services are delivered remotely using our own digital platform. Through this platform, children and young people can chat with their clinician over video, view their session notes, manage appointments and ask family members or supportive friends to join sessions.

Use their favourite device

Working across multiple devices, you or your child can log in to your Healios account from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Sessions are carried out through your web browser so there’s no need to download any apps or software.

Putting your child’s privacy first

We take your child’s privacy seriously and ensure any personal information shared with us is protected. We follow the same regulations as the NHS to keep your child’s data safe.