Healios is a specialist online provider of mental health and neuro-developmental services. Our mission is simple, to bring exceptional healthcare to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Through our purpose-built online clinical platform and self-management tools we deliver high quality clinical care for the NHS, schools and other third sector organisations. Care that is more readily accessible and fits around the lifestyle of the individual and their family for an exceptional experience.


Choice for patients - our clinical services are delivered by qualified and experienced clinicians. Patients and families can choose appointment times anytime between 8am and 9pm, seven days a week, excluding bank holidays, thereby increasing access, choice and convenience for service users.

Scale – Healios recruits suitable, qualified clinicians from across the UK providing additional clinical capacity, through a flexible resourcing model for local NHS services. Thereby reducing waiting times from months to days and lowering staffing costs.

Collaboration – success is built on transparent working partnerships with the NHS, third sector, charities and other health agencies.  Through partnerships focused on the needs of the patient, we will achieve better outcomes.

Ease of access – all appointments are conducted via your web browser, no need to download additional applications, the Healios technology manages everything. This means, patients can speak with their clinician from the comfort of their own home, or at work, even on holiday!  Convenient and easy to access.


We write about mental health, neurodevelopmental conditions, technology in healthcare and general well-being and resilience.  Covering depression, anxiety, autism (ASC), ADHD, psychosis, eating disorders, PTSD and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Technology in mental healthcare

Video-enabled - patients can see their clinician, eye to eye via a screen.  This builds trust and rapport. Family members/supporters/carers can easily join sessions, with everyone able to see each other, and hear each other, on the same screen from multiple locations.

Multi-media – Healios has built-in white-board technology, and video and audio libraries to enhance engagement, active participation, learning and immersion work.

Every session recorded – this function drives clinical quality and assurances for patients and their families. Our clinical supervisors randomly audit sessions from all of our clinicians and score them.

Built-in Routine Outcome Measures – this function enables consistent measurement of improvements for patients during every clinical session and provides learning to further enhance services.

Clinical manual for each service – ensuring our clinicians operate in a consistent way

Built-in local risk and safeguarding processes – our clinicians quickly act on any concerns and ensure those are followed up in accordance with local SOPs

Visibility – our portal allows the secure transfer of data between the NHS and Healios, and provides real-time insight across every step of the journey.

Environment - Healios minimises environmental impacts, as care is delivered via our online clinical portal. Among many factors, this results in

  1. Less travel for all parties, reducing fuel usage
  2. Less paper used as all information held in our secure online portal/database
  3. Less construction, no new buildings required to cope with increased demand

Healios provides quality care, more quickly, at a lower cost.


Rich Andrews
Dr Lars Hansen
Mike Catton

Rich Andrews
Founder, Chairman & CEO

Having close family and friends who suffered from mental illness, Rich experienced first-hand the lack of support for both those affected by the illness and the families involved. Rich has deep knowledge and experience of healthcare environments, gained from various executive roles in the pharmaceutical industry across the world.

His passion for combining overall well-being, science and technology has led him to develop innovative services to empower people to live healthier lives.

Dr. Lars Hansen
Chief Medical Officer

A consultant psychiatrist with 20 years of experience, Lars has a long-term dedication to the well-being of the whole family.

Lars has published more than 100 articles on mental illness and has participated in mental health programs for ITV, Channel Four, BBC radio and television.

Mike Catton
Chief Operating Officer

Mike believes in the continuous pursuit for improvement, finding new ways in which we can enhance all aspects of our lives.

With over 18 years' experience working within the healthcare sector leading various commercial teams, Mike brings a wealth of experience to Healios as we develop our services and commercial aspirations.