ADHD clinician talks about her own later in life diagnosis

6 October 2023

Carlie O’Hara, a Healios clinician, has opened up about her experience during ADHD Awareness Month this October as she looks to raise awareness and provide inspiration for other people in a similar position to where she found herself before her diagnosis.

Carlie, from Buxton, is particularly passionate about raising awareness of the often misunderstood condition as she works day-to-day as a Neurodevelopment Practitioner specialising in ADHD at Healios, the leading digital provider of specialist autism, ADHD and mental health services for children and young people in the UK aged seven to 25.

Before her diagnosis Carlie had always had an interest in ADHD, as other male family members had a diagnosis, so she was able to empathise with families and that’s only increased now she has had her own diagnosis. She said:

“I do believe that my passion for working in ADHD had subconsciously come from the fact I had it myself, although I didn’t realise. It always resonated with me and I knew where families I dealt with were coming from. Now I know why.”

David Mushati, Healios Chief Medical Officer, said:

“We’re so lucky at Healios to have such a skilled, dedicated and diverse workforce with colleagues who bring not only their clinical expertise but also great passion and quite often their own life experience to the role, which is absolutely invaluable.“Carlie’s story is a real reflection of this and this experience can only help in delivering even better outcomes for the children, young people and families our teams interact with on a daily basis.”

To read Carlie’s full story, download the UK press release here.


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