New research backs the success of online autism assessments in overcoming families’ initial anxieties about not being ‘face to face’

11 March 2024

New research conducted by Healios provides valuable insights into families’ experiences before, during and after an online autism assessment.

Healios’ science team set about its latest research to better understand how the families it works with felt about the online assessment process.

The research, led by Healios’ Senior Mental Health Scientist Dr Kerri Bailey, examined how families felt both before and after having an online assessment to determine whether any of their initial concerns are due to a lack of exposure and information surrounding online assessments, as opposed to the quality of the assessment itself.

Dr Bailey said:

“We embarked on this project because we know that parents do tend to have concerns with the assessment process being online, and we wanted to delve into more detail as to why they have these anxieties and whether there is something providers can do to ease them.

“The results showed that families rated the online service highly, with over 93% agreeing that Healios made them and their child feel safe and respected. We also found that any concerns and anxieties they had when they entered the service significantly decreased once they had completed the assessment with us.”

To read the full story, download the UK press release here.

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