Clinician’s autistic son inspired her journey to help others

29 March 2023

We’re proud to have talented and experienced clinicians supporting those with neurodiverse and mental health conditions. 

We spoke with our Neurodevelopmental Team Lead, Lisa Davies, who became inspired to specialise in autism following her own experience with an autistic child.

“Autism is wonderful and brings so much joy into our family life, this is also the same for my professional work, as I love to hear the wonderful stories, strengths and skills that neurodiversity brings to the world. Although every family experiences this differently, I’m able to understand the process and offer professional advice, whilst having that empathy with the family at the same time. My son Kieran was diagnosed with autism when he was four years of age and is now 21. Over the years my interest has grown both personally and professionally around neurodiversity, which in time led me to working within the field full time. From experience, a diagnosis from a parental perspective has given me insight into how families feel when they receive their diagnosis and the emotions and challenges it creates at that time.”

To read the full story, download the UK press release here.

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