Mum of autistic son helps raise awareness

29 March 2023

We’re proud to deliver clinical support with compassion, kindness and experience.

We spoke with our colleague Meghan Routhorn, who’s using her lived experience of having an autistic son to support other parents in her role. 

Meghan works as a Clinical Experience Coordinator at Healios, booking appointments, answering queries from clients about autism and ADHD assessments, as well as coordinating with schools, booking interpreters and much, much more.

As a parent with an autistic child and now working at Healios and talking everyday with parents in a similar position, Meghan is well placed to offer a view on the myths around autism.

“Autism is different for every person. I think people view autism in two extremes, the super intelligent savant or the non-verbal recluse. I like the saying, ‘If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism’. You cannot paint all individuals with autism with the same brush, all have their own quirks, challenges and greatness. I think it’s important to look for the positive. My son considers autism his superpower. I feel I have a lot of lived experience being a parent of a neurodiverse child that I would like to share. I enjoy explaining the details of our sessions to parents with anxious children because my son needs that sort of clarity and reassurance before doing something new too, and I know how much I appreciated anyone who would indulge my many questions I enjoy being able to empathise with parents, and I love being able to suggest websites, books or strategies to help them deal with some of the challenges of raising a neurodiverse child.”

To read the full story, download the UK press release here.


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