Healios team publishes new review of digital tools available in autism diagnostic process

15 December 2023

Healios’ science, product and tech team have published a new scoping review into the available mobile diagnostic apps for autism – which offers an important reflection on innovation trends in the field as a whole.

The paper reviews and synthesises the existing evidence about currently available digital biomarker tools for autism that are accessible through a mobile device.

Data on the accuracy and validity of four digital biomarker tools – one commercial and three research – was reported in the review.

Among the highlights of the review were that there was a high variability in terms of the way they have been tested and developed – as well as in the way that data has been reported, with lots of blanks left for users to fill.

The review also observed a lack of diversity in studies evaluating these digital tools, especially when it comes to gender and ethnicity.

Sonia Ponzo, VP of Science at Healios, said:

“We have listened to users’ pain points and we are building technologies that will assist clinicians in their diagnostic process – and beyond. We want to offer complementary tools that can reduce wait times and misdiagnoses – and we want to do so by collecting information clinicians would not otherwise be exposed to through mobile devices. We’re excited about the possibilities our innovation efforts will bring and look forward to sharing more information soon.”

To read the full story, download the UK press release here.

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