Transforming neurodevelopmental care: Healios and NHS unite to solve autism and ADHD challenges

6 December 2023

In today’s healthcare landscape, quality neurodevelopmental care is more critical than ever.

At Healios, we are emerging as a leading partner for the NHS, offering innovative solutions to the growing demands in autism and ADHD care and helping services to increase capacity, reduce waits and improve outcomes across NHS England, Scotland and Wales.

New Healios Heads of Clinician Divisions Helen Gill and Angela Rossi have spoken about the challenges faced in the neurodevelopmental space right now and what sets Healios apart in providing solutions to these significant obstacles.

“The waits are an issue, clearly, but it’s also only having a single-focused assessment and not taking into account the holistic needs, therefore not getting the right intervention.”

Helen Gill, Healios Head of Clinical Division: Neurodevelopment

“We have a broad, multidisciplinary team which gives us the scope to offer a more holistic approach in all of the cases we deal with as our clinical team have such significant experience.”

Angela Rossi, Head of Clinical Division: Neurodevelopment Plus

To read the full story, download the UK press release here.

The story has also been featured by the Health Service Journal (HSJ) –

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